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Best Internet in Houston – Which Provider is Fast in Your Area?

by | Mar 14, 2022 | internet | 0 comments

Here we have listed some of our top picks for internet service providers in Houston so users can choose the best internet in Houston for their homes or offices.

Ultra Home Internet 

Ultra Home Internet is an outstanding internet service in Houston offered by Ultra Mobile, that offers incredible advantages such as contract-free plans and rural coverage. The provider is the best internet in Houston backed by T-Mobile. With the record of currently being the second-largest fixed-wireless provider in the country, this internet service provider offers excellent service in all 50 states. Ultra Home Internet provides Wireless internet in over 26,000 zip codes in the United States. Despite the fact that Ultra Home Internet runs on the T-Mobile network and offers its services in all fifty states, we recommend our readers first check to ensure that the provider is available in your area. 

ERF Wireless 

founded in 2004, ERF Wireless is continuing to build and operate wireless broadband networks throughout parts of North America. ERF Wireless offers internet service in Houston and other cities in Texas. With availability to an estimated 1.8 million people, ERF Wireless is the 29th largest residential fixed wireless internet provider in the United States by coverage area. Moreover, ERF Wireless offers fixed wireless internet access in 297 zip codes in Texas. 

Tachus Fiber Internet  

Founded in October 2018, Tachus is a newcomer in the internet market that has made giant strides as your local ISP. Tachus is a Fiber provider that offers three pricing options. Being a fiber internet provider, Tachus deliver the fastest internet in Houston than most other types of services by using optical fiber instead of providing internet services through a copper wire.  


AT&T’s broadband service is available to over 40% of homes in the USA and a large percentage of Americans use it as their preferred home internet provider. In addition to fiber and DSL plans, this best internet in Houston offers a fixed wireless option as well. However, the fixed wireless option involves installing an antenna and wireless equipment within the home and speeds won’t get higher than 25 Mbps with this connection.

Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Communications provide internet services in California, Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania, and more. This DSL provider delivers services through your traditional phone lines and you can connect your wifi router or use an Ethernet cable. Consolidated Communications plans are affordable, starting at $13 per month, and you may even save some money if you bundle phone or TV service with your Internet. On top of that, the internet provider offers free equipment, free setup, around-the-clock live monitoring, low monthly fees, and a good home security package.  


For Americans in rural or underdeveloped areas, satellite service may be the only option and Hughes Network Systems was the first satellite internet service to offer broadband speeds of 25 megabits per second back in the year 2017. HughesNet offers reliable connectivity and consistent rates to Americans living in rural areas.  

Although satellite internet can’t compete with the speeds you get with cable or fiber connections in terms of speed, it is comparatively faster than phone-line-based DSL. However, the problem is that the ground-laid cable and fiber are not readily available to people who are living outside densely populated areas. On the other hand, the speeds that fall well short of cable or fiber, established satellite providers in Houston like HughesNet that can genuinely claim to offer service everywhere are more relevant than ever.  


Comcast Xfinity is the nation’s largest cable internet service provider that offers a good variety of internet speed plans. However, the catch is that some Xfinity plans require you to sign a one-year contract, some require a two-year contract, and some plans are available with no contract at all. 


Available in 37 states and to over 49 million customers across the country, CenturyLink is one of the country’s largest internet service providers. CenturyLink’s fiber plans are some of the best values you’ll find on home internet and the company is expanding its fiber footprint so it will introduce Fiber Internet to new markets.  


Originally founded as a telephone company in 1935, Frontier’s internet service area covers 25 different states throughout the United States. As the 4th largest DSL and fiber-optic Internet provider, Frontier Communications now offers various home services including Internet, home phone, home security, and TV. Two plus points of using Frontier internet services are that the provider does not require you to sign a contract and they also lock in their internet prices for up to 3 years after they start providing service. Frontier’s fiber optic service offers download speeds up to 2 Gbps and offers a free Wi-Fi router with their service. 


Founded in 1994, EarthLink has been providing Internet service to over 1 million customers and over 150,000 businesses throughout the USA through a number of sources including wireless, cable, satellite, and DSL. What we liked about EarthLink is its reliable fiber optic technology, 1 Gig speeds, lower bandwidth plans for a lower price, price doesn’t increase after one year, there is no throttling, and you get a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee. One of the oldest names in home internet, EarthLink offers the best internet service in Houston and many other cities by using the established DSL and fiber-optic networks of other providers, including AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Verizon, and others.  


With its widespread availability, Viasat believes everyone should be able to connect to the internet, no matter where they live. It is available nearly everywhere across all fifty states and there is no need for a phone line or cable because Viasat provides internet services through satellite.


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