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Frontier Internet Customer Service – Phone Number & Live Support

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Frontier inter customer service is an American telecommunication company. Previously bound to the rural areas and communities, now scattered to the metropolitan cities.

Frontier offers multiple attractive internet packages to satisfy the needs of individuals and the corporate sector.

If some customers want a phone, Tv, & internet, Frontier has bundles of plans and services just for $19.99 per month with 6 and 10 Mbps internet speed, depending on the location. The installation fee is often waived by Frontier if opting bundle plan. Many people are moving to Frontier Internet Service to enjoy the best speed, attractive, and within-the-budget package plans.

The interesting thing about switching to Frontier is that one does not need a landline phone number to buy Frontier internet packages.

One can easily find the Frontier packages; fund nearby locations for the coverage map. Prices vary according to the area, and you should call Frontier customer service today to get a free quote.

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To pay the bill, customers can call 1.800.801.6652 to pay

the bill by phone.  The customer has to keep the 17-digit frontier account number in hand.

On the other hand.

One-time payment in the MyFrontier app

One time 45 days advance payment schedule is available in the MyFrontier app or through an online account

Sign in to the MyFrontier app for Android or iOS

  1. When the app is opened, click the tap billing icon followed by the Make a Payment tap.
  2. Amount selection: total, pending dues, or custom payment, then Tap Select amount.
  3. Choose the method of payment.
  4. Pay Now.

Isn’t it effortless?

One-time payment through an online account

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Tap Pay a bill or go to my payments, then pay
  3. Amount selection along with the day(date) & mode of payment.
  4. Agree on the T&C
  5. Submit, and it’s done

How to make a one-time payment without signing in

  1. Open Express Pay
  2. Enter the details as asked, including email, zip, and a/c number; continue now
  3. Fill in the form, and add the due amount, name, and bank/credit/debit card details.
  4. Admit the Conditions.
  5. Now submission and done

How to Pay by Phone

  1. Call IVR at 1-800-801-6652 to pay over the phone for no extra fee.
  2. One can pay by speaking to the agent. But this option charges $10 service charges.
  3. Various options are given with phone payments, bank, and debit/credit cards, then the account’s charges are updated.
  4. You should have a 17-digit Frontier A/c number near you to avoid the hassle.
  5. Please have your 17-digit Frontier account number from your bill when you call.

Pay by Mail

Make a cross cheque in the name of Frontier, along with a 17-digit A/c number on the “For” line. Again this method does not levy either by mail or money order.

Note: The system updates payments after 5:30 p.m. on the day received. 

Person Payment Method

In-person payments are welcome through authorized locations all over the United States. Visit CheckFreePay to locate the payment point.

Note: extra charges of Dollar fifty ($1.50) applied. In person by cash is very easy, moreover with check & money order as discussed above. The system adds payments to the customer’s account on the next working day.


If someone has no prior account maintained with Frontier Inter Service, visit

Do Sign in with Frontier ID or the Username given on the bill.

If someone is new to the login page, they must register from the top right of the drop-down menu (Sign in/ Register). If you do not have an account, then find

Need an account? Create a Frontier ID  right beneath the Sign In space given. Then click on Create a Frontier ID. Follow the instructions as shown in the form sliced the service you will log in for: billing telephone number, billing account number, and email address. Then options will be there if you select Billing telephone number and enter the telephone number for the account as seen on the window before you. One must put the account details if billing by account number is set. Subsequently, if someone goes with an email, they must type in the email address, then go ahead.



Allow your business to run efficiently with inter, phone, security, and many more.

Call @ 1-833-863-0153

Business Internet That Powers Your Workday


50X faster uploads



Uninterrupted  with 99.9% Reliability


Month-to-Month Pricing


Boost business efficiency without data caps, hidden charges or overage charges.

Free Router Wi-Fi 



Employees and customers can be connected with the next-gen Wi-Fi 6 E router. With no extra charges


  No Activation Fee



Get connected with expert installation. Save up to $95 on activation.




Every step counts if someone wants to see the business ahead of the competitors. Then we get the success. Frontier® Business internet provides the best connection that accelerates the services and delights customers. Therefore, business gets a boost.

Different plans with an affordable budget at Frontier fulfill the modern-day needs of the business with the fiber-fast speed in particular locations. To save time, get the best smart uploading and downloading speed. 

Internet Up Till Now for Business

No Wi-Fi router charges


Secure Pro**



Waived activation fee


Employees and customers are connected with the next-gen Wi-Fi 6E router. Free of charge. Stay calm! Defend up to 35 devices against breaches and cyberattacks. For $4.99/mo.



Expert Installation tomorrow and save up to $95 on activation.



Business Secure Fiber 2 Gig

Let the Frontier Fiber 2 Gig Internet enter into business for the extra energy.2 Gig Fiber business has many downloading and uploading options. It offers bandwidth for videoconferencing. It makes a good impression on the customers and equips the employees to go ahead of the competitors with Frontier Fiber 2 Gig Internet for Business.

  • Equally best speed for downloading and uploading
  • Superfast Wi-Fi 6E standard

Don’t wait to scale up to Frontier Fiber 2Gig Internet for Business.

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Frontier | RingCentral

Today hybrid working gets the best support with fiber-fast speeds for video conferences, the best quality phone, and collaboration tools—all of this with simple, consistent pricing on a network featuring 99.9% availability.

Frontier Isn’t Just Another Internet Service Provider

Collaborating with Frontier gives you the following:

  • 27/7 Technical Support.
  • In limited Budget.
  • Customized Assistance with solutions

Call for Technical Support round the clock, seven days a week.

Technical support representatives are there to fix the issues.

Call@ 1.800.921.8101


Internet for doing Frontier® Fiber Internet

Do everything fiber fast. One can go live, work, and play it up to the need of the business it serves for. With the power of a 100% fiber-optic network.

Frontier Internet

Stay closed and connected to loved ones; forget about data caps now and overage fees


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