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Frontier vs Spectrum: Comparison of Speed, Price and Reliability

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Spectrum and Frontier have two separate areas and markets: the site is an expert at cable internet, whereas Frontier deals in DSL as its main product. Frontier offers Fiber, too, with a limited supply. If someone can approach, then Frontier fiber is worth it since it’s affordable for the long term.



Rating by clients: 3.5


Monthly fee: $49.88–$150.01


Best Speed: 500–2,000 Mbps


Service Types: DSL,fiber


Caps : Not Applicable


·         Contract: one year Fiber

·         Rating by clients: 3.7



Monthly fee: $49.98–$89.99/mo. for 12 mos.


·         Best Speed: 300–1,000 Mbps (wireless speed do vary)


Service types: Cable


Caps: No data cap



Contract: Not applicable.


Frontier vs Spectrum Internet

The two of them are the big giants of the united states. Let’s have a look at them.

Need help deciding when deciding to hire home internet services. Sometimes there are limited offers in the market. There are many parts of the united states where Frontier Communication & Charter Spectrum two are standing before each other.

Those footprints matter. Frontier and Spectrum are two of nine internet providers whose coverage reaches more than 10% of Americans, according to FCC statistics from 2020. We’ll assist you in choosing one for home internet service. Compare the companies’ technology, speeds, coverage, and customer happiness.

Frontier vs Spectrum Speed

To get individuals online, internet service providers might utilize various approaches. While fiber is often the quickest choice, it is now only accessible in areas where ground-laid fiber-optic cable has been installed, and this process is time-consuming.

According to the FCC, Frontier delivers fiber internet in portions of California, Texas, Florida, and Indiana, reaching about one-third of the company’s subscribers. The remainder of Frontier’s customers uses a substantially slower DSL connection based on telephone lines.

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frontier vs Spectrum Florida

According to the FCC, Frontier may provide fiber internet to clients in some areas of California, Texas, Florida, and Indiana. This accounts for about one-third of the company’s customer base. The remaining customers of Frontier have access to the internet via a DSL connection that is dependent on their phone lines and is much slower.

Charter provides fiber to less than 1% of its customers without DSL. 99% of Spectrum consumers connect through coaxial cable. Charter Spectrum is the second-largest cable provider. Its 2016 acquisition of Time Warner Cable’s infrastructure helps.

Frontier vs Spectrum Long Beach

Here is a list of the top cities where Frontier and Spectrum offer internet service:


  • Tampa, FL – 695,420
  • Rochester, NY – 423,469
  • Saint Petersburg, FL – 332,768
  • Long Beach, CA – 310,228

Fort Wayne, IN – 271,071T


  • Los Angeles, CA – 2,377,294
  • New York, NY – 1,575,717
  • San Antonio, TX – 1,563,580
  • Dallas, TX – 1,262,773
  • Austin, TX – 939,359

Frontier vs Spectrum Santa Monica

Santa Monica’s Best Internet Providers

Spectrum® and Starry Internet are Santa Monica’s top ISPs. Spectrum supplies 1 Gbps download speeds in Santa Monica (wireless rates may differ). Spectrum combines Internet, TV, and phone for $89.98 per month. Santa Monica’s Starry Internet starts at $50 per month. It’s suitable for email and streaming. To activate Spectrum in Santa Monica, customers must call (844) 987-4137. Spectrum proposes 1Gbps Cable in Santa Monica. Whereas Frontier is one of the other 11 Internet service providers in Santa Monica and provides Fiber, if someone needs Fiber optic, they choose the Frontier packages. The Frontier activation number for Santa Monica is (855) 915-4111. They have if not all of the services of Frontier are obtainable in all the areas.

Shop Frontier Internet: Frontier internet Packages & Plans












Equipment fee



Data Caps



Contact for details




Cable, Fiber



$0.00 monthly



No Cap



300 Mbps -1 Gbps




DSL, Fiber,

Fixed Wireless, Copper


$0.00  monthly



No Cap

Frontier vs Spectrum Los Angeles

Frontier Fiber Internet Packages and Pricing in Los Angeles, California

Keep in touch with Frontier fiber internet packages. There are different prices and packages offered in Los Angeles.

Best Internet Services in Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has many best internet service, providers:

AT&T Fiber, Spectrum, and Verizon 5G home internet. Whereas AT&T has proved its best services in LA County, with its great offer of 5Gbps, therefore ranked first customer choice in 2021.

As far as Frontier Fiber is concerned, it is scarce access in Los Angeles of 9% availability in Los Angeles. One can call on (855)915-4111.

Whereas packages are expensive in Los Angeles & cable download speeds up to 1 Gbps, an affordable monthly package for $49.99.


Spectrum’s plans include monthly rates that range from $49.99 to $89.99, but Frontier’s prices run as high as $149.99 per month for some of their more expensive packages. Customers should have a general idea of how much bandwidth their homes will require and keep in mind that the speeds offered by Frontier range from 20 to 2,000 Mbps, whereas the rates provided by Spectrum range from 20 to 1,000 Mbps. Customers should also remember that the speeds offered by Frontier are more expensive than those offered by Spectrum. To call Spectrum Dallas, call (888) 406-7063. Monday to Friday.

Spectrum has a competitive edge over its rivals since it offers faster download and upload speeds on even its most basic bundle. On the other hand, DSL internet service from Frontier is accessible in rural areas even when Spectrum service is not offered there. Spectrum’s Internet Ultra and Internet Gig plans are designed to compete with whereas Frontier’s Fiber Internet 500 and Fiber Gig plans, which Frontier provides. Spectrum’s offerings may be found here. One can get Frontier Internet in Dallas for $49.99. Call 1-855-558-5007 to get it.


Best for Fiber



Price: $49.99-$149.99/Month



Downloading Speed: 500–2000 Mbps



Data cap: N/A

Best Value



Price: $49.99–$89.99/mo.



Downloading Speed: 300 Mbps–1 Gbps



Data cap: N/A

Buy Spectrum: Spectrum Internet Plan & Packages


Spectrum is excellent for bundlers. Spectrum provides several TV and Internet bundles. Frontier offers fast internet, especially fiber. Frontier Gig is $74.99 with AutoPay and has a three-year price lock. Frontier Fiber 2 Gig offers twice the speed of Frontier Fiber Gig at twice the price. Spectrum and Frontier 2022 plans and pricing are below


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