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How do you Block Calls with Windstream? – Internet Offers Now

by | Aug 22, 2022 | internet | 0 comments

As one of the top phone service providers in the United States, Windstream Communications allows callers to block selective calls. Windstream users can activate a feature called Selective Call Rejection to block calls from specific numbers or use the Anonymous Call Rejection feature to block calls from people who have disabled their caller IDs. Needless to say, blocking unwanted callers can save users a lot of time and stress, which can be avoided. Although Windstream has activated Anonymous Call Rejection by default for its users, a Windstream phone user needs to activate selective call rejection through a dial-in menu.

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For Selective Call Rejection, the first step is to dial *60 on your touch-tone phone. Once you dial *60, the second step is to Toggle “Selective Call Rejection” on and off by pressing the “3” key. Once done, follow the audio instructions to add the last caller to your blocked list after dialing #01# from your Windstream phone. Step four of this process involves pressing the # button if you know the number you want to add to the list. Now simply follow the recorded instructions from the Windstream phone to add the number.

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The Anonymous Call Rejection is a very useful feature that Windstream phone users can easily activate and deactivate. Since it is by default activated on your Windstream phones, here is how a user can deactivate and reactivate Anonymous Call Rejection on their phone. To deactivate, simply dial *87 from your Windstream phone and simply follow the instructions. In case you want to reactivate the Anonymous Call Rejection feature on your Windstream phone, simply dial *77 and listen for the confirmation tone to make sure that the change that you requested actually went through. So you can activate and deactivate this feature with a simple dial-in from your Windstream phone.


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