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How to Find Affordable Internet Packages in your Area

by | Nov 22, 2021 | internet | 0 comments

You don’t need us to list all the benefits of the internet to know you need an internet package, preferably a high-speed one. 

High-speed internet packages may seem expensive at first when you look at the advertised rates. Many times the prices mentioned are for a limited time after which the monthly rate increases when your introductory period expires. So, a rate touted as $50 per month can inch closer to $100 after the trial period expires. On top of that, these prices do not include the equipment fee and added expense for exceeding data caps. 

Amid vigorous competition in the internet services market, it is very much possible to find affordable internet packages. However, it is important to consider the following factors when shopping for affordable internet packages. 

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  • Internet Speed 

An affordable internet plan isn’t worth it if you can’t do video chats, play online games, or stream HD videos without that nasty buffering icon. Look for speeds that won’t hinder your online work and entertainment. 

  • Autopay and Paperless Billing 

Some internet providers offer a discount for customers that select autopay. So, when you sign up with an internet service provider, you can opt for autopay and paperless billing to get the initial discount. 

  • Promotional Prices 

Most internet service providers start you out with a low price, but you’ll typically see a price increase after a few months. Confirm about the price increase after the promotional period from the company’s representative or call their helpline. 

  • Equipment And Installation Fees 

Don’t forget about installation and equipment fees when buying an internet package. Ask your provider about these fees beforehand and if there is a price waiver available. 

  • Data Caps 

You can lose money if you use more data than you are given by the ISP. Since many providers charge a pretty penny for extra data, be sure that your affordable internet package comes with ample data to keep you going for a month. 

  • Contracts and Early Termination Fees 

Some internet plans come with a potentially hefty early termination fee (ETF), so if you cancel your contract early, you could end up paying heavy fees. 

Tips to Lower Your Internet Bill 

You can reduce your monthly internet bill by following these tips so your internet package becomes more affordable. 

  • In case you are paying for more speed than you actually use, switch to a package with a lower speed that would cost less. 
  • Internet providers will charge you an extra fee if you go over your data limit. If you are using your data limit too fast, see if you can save some downloads or high-data activities for the next billing cycle. 
  • Some providers including Cox and Spectrum will reduce your bill if you bundle your internet with TV service. 
  • Run a speed test. If your provider isn’t delivering the download speeds as promised and you are stuck in the middle of a contract with your ISP, negotiate a lower price. 
  • Ask internet providers if they are offering discounts. A number of times there is a discount on ordering your service online. 

Companies that Provide Affordable Internet Packages 

Here are some of the top internet service providers that offer affordable basic internet packages. 

  • RCN Internet 
  • Mediacom 
  • Cox 
  • Frontier Internet 
  • AT&T Internet 
  • Xfinity internet 
  • WOW! 
  • Frontier FiberOptic 
  • Suddenlink Internet 

How to Find Affordable Internet Packages in your Area 

You can find affordable internet packages following these easy and simple steps. 

1. Visit 

2. Enter your zip code and click the “Search Providers” button. 

3. You will get the details about internet plans in your area. 

4. Compare the prices and choose one that is affordable and meets your usage criteria. 

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