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$37.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

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Fast Internet speeds to keep your family entertained.

Download shows and movies in seconds

Stream music and video on multiple devices


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$57.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $65.00/mo.



Lightning-quick Internet for heavy usage..

Multi-device HD streaming, multi-player gaming

Download large media files quickly


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$67.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $75.00/mo.



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Windstream is a provider that offers internet service across 18 states, with the greatest coverage in rural areas. Windstream provides Kinetich high speed internet to the customers in its service areas and offers DSL, Kinetic fiber internet, copper cable, and fixed wireless internet service. The fiber internet option offers the highest speed and better connectivity, but is available to fewer households as compared to the provider’s DSL service. In recent years, Windstream has invested in hybrid fiber-DSL connections, which has improved the speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction of Windstream customers. For rural areas, Kinetic Windstream internet primarily offers DSL and fixed wireless options.

Kinetic high speed internet is available in different markets from southern Texas to the Canadian border but its prices depend on where you live. Just like some other internet service providers (ISPs), even some cities in the same state may see different prices for high speed Windstream kinetic internet plans, so it makes a lot of sense to check the Windstream deals in your specific area. 

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Kinetic High Speed Internet

Another thing to note about Kinetic internet is that the provider tries to get your download speed as close to the maximum speed it offers, but certain factors are out of its control such as the condition of the wiring inside your home or how close you are to the network hub. It is also important to take a careful look at the fine print because like many other providers, Windstream’s advertised prices are promotional and they will almost always increase after the promotional period is over. Upon comparing high speed kinetic internet to offerings from other similar internet providers like CenturyLink and Xfinity, it holds up pretty well. Since it is one of the rural internet options, so when you compare it to satellite providers like HughesNet(a common rural internet option), Windstream with the fastest kinetic internet speed looks absolutely fantastic. 

If you are looking for Kinetic High Speed Internet, you probably live in a rural area because the provider brings the internet to towns like Lake City, Florida and Tollesboro, Kentucky. We appreciate Windstream’s efforts to keep the folks back home connected. Windstream is available in various markets in 18 states including Iowa Ohio, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, New York, New Mexico, Nebraska, Arkansas, Alabama, and more. 

Rural Internet Options 

While satellite internet might be convenient if you’re totally off-grid, but DSL internet can offer higher speeds and most of Windstream’s plans are DSL internet service that runs through your phone line. However, we highly recommend Windstream’s fiber internet instead of DSL. So if you are lucky enough to get the Windstream fiber connection in your area, you can connect to the internet with higher reliability and faster speeds. A number of providers in the United States, including Windstream, are boosting their DSL networks with fiber-optic cables to improve the internet speeds significantly, because DSL internet is not the fastest internet around so it needs the fiber boost. When it comes to customer service, some angry customers have posted reviews about the provider and Windstream doesn’t have a good rating according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). 

Windstream primarily serves rural areas where your other choice is a satellite internet provider or one of the local providers. Since satellite tends to cost a lot more than Kinetic high speed internet and normally satellite providers do not offer unlimited data, so Windstream is worth considering if your neighbors aren’t within shouting distance. Importantly, Kinetic internet has no data caps, which is great news for people who regularly download large files, watch HD shows online, and play live multiplayer games. Another stellar feature of Kinetic high speed internet is that it comes with no contracts, which means you are free to cancel the service whenever you want without having to pay hefty early termination fees. However, it is important to keep in mind that the advertised prices are good for 12 months only and once the promotional period is over, Windstream customers see a jump in their internet bill. 

Windstream Customer Service 

Windstream offers a nice variety of speeds, plans, and prices but it is not the star of the customer service show. In case of an issue with the internet, a customer can contact Windstream through chat, email, and phone. Since getting stuck on hold is really worse, customers can first try to get their issue resolved through chat or email. 

Fiber Internet vs. Cable Internet 

Just as customers prefer DSL to satellite, almost all people prefer fiber over cable internet. With symmetrical upload speeds with fiber internet and a more reliable connection than cable, fiber internet has become the obvious choice of internet users.  

The customers who have the need for speed like online gaming enthusiasts, Kinetic’s Gig service is also more affordable than many cable providers. While prices of Kinetic plans vary depending on the city you are living in, but to give you an idea the Gig service from Kinetic could cost around $37 per month for the first three months, $67 after that until you reach a year of service, and then $85 per month after the promotional period is over. We would recommend Kinetic fiber over cable internet for symmetrical download and upload speeds and high speed internet. 

On the other hand, if you compare Kinetic DSL with the usual satellite options in rural areas, the DSL connection will also offer greater reliability and lower latency than satellite internet. And more importantly, the rain and cloud cover won’t even disrupt your DSL service, which is a convenience that you shouldn’t expect from satellite internet providers. Furthermore, satellite internet almost always comes with data limits, but you won’t have to worry about data caps with Kinetic. Satellite internet providers also bound their customers with a contract and a hefty early termination fee if they cancel before the contract’s time is over, but Windstream’s Kinetic does not lock its customers into a contract.

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