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Kinetic Internet by Windstream Areas and Plans

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Kinetic by Windstream is a high-speed internet service that provides internet services in 18 states. It provides DSL internet that connects through a phone to provide you with internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. 

Kinetic Internet Plans 

Kinetic internet by WindStream offers three main internet plans, namely Kinetic 200, Kinetic 500, and Kinetic GIG. Let’s take a look at these Kinetic internet plans in detail. 

  • Kinetic 200 

This Kinetic internet plan offers up to 200 Mbps of high-speed internet. It is an excellent internet plan for people who want to download HD movies or their favorite TV shows, stream HD videos or play multiplayer online games. In short, one can access their entertainment at quick speeds on several devices. 

  • Kinetic 500 

With internet speeds up to 500 Mbps, Kinetic 500 is the perfect plan for heavy usage. This is the right plan if there are multiple people using the internet at your home or office. Downloading large media files and streaming HD videos on several devices at once is easily possible with Kinetic 500. 

  • Kinetic GIG 

Kinetic GIG provides internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, which is the best plan for the best Wi-Fi experience and a great choice for an ultra-connected smart home. This is the best internet experience that Windstream currently offers and downloading huge files at a lightning speed is not a problem anymore with the Kinetic GIG internet plan. 

Windstream Internet prices 

Windstream’s Kinetic high-speed internet prices typically range from $35 to $90 per month. Windstream internet prices vary based on your location and the internet package you choose for your home or office. It is best to contact Windstream’s customer support to find out the exact prices for your location.

Also, it is important to find out if the price you are paying is a limited-time promotional price or a regular one. This is important because the price will increase after the end of the promotional period. Windstream also offers a discount on the internet for low-income households through the federal Lifeline Assistance Program. 

Notably, Windstream offers DSL internet service which connects through your phone line instead of a cable. However, Windstream Internet does not require you to have active phone service to use the internet services. An excellent feature of Windstream Internet is that there are no data caps, which means it gives you unlimited internet access. Also, there are no overage charges and no long-term contracts so you can cancel at any time.

Due to high-speed internet packages, you can also use Windstream wifi or Kinetic wifi for seamless connectivity. These features make Kinetic Internet by Windstream an excellent option. If you are concerned about the price, then it is essential to look at what Windstream provides in your city because pricing varies widely by area. Also, there are small activation and installation fees to start using the service. 

Customer Complaints 

Although Kinetic Internet is an excellent high-speed internet service, some customers haven’t found it up to the mark and pointed out the weaker aspects of Kinetic Internet

Some Kinetic Internet customers have complained that they had to repeatedly contact the repair service to get their services repaired. Also, a few customers have reported long delays in processing EBB credits. Most of the complaints about Windstream are regarding the company’s customer service. In some cases, customer service representatives fail to understand and address the issues faced by customers.

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When people file their complaints with CSRs, they don’t hear back in a timely fashion from the customer care department. Windstream customers feel that they have been lied to by the customer support representatives when their issues are not resolved and they have to file complaints again and again.

Lack of technical knowledge of customer support agents, not addressing issues properly, and lack of empathy for customers are matters of great concern. Gift card issues have also been reported by some Kinetic internet customers. Also, people are facing speed issues such as inconsistent or slow speed. 


Windstream provides residential services in 18 states which are listed as follows: 

New Mexico 
New York 
North Carolina 
South Carolina 

Is Kinetic by Windstream Good? 

Windstream is not the star of the customer service show, but it offers three varieties of speeds and DSL plans, which makes it easy to find the right plan for your needs. Prices differ according to the area you live in and may even differ within the same state. In short, the internet prices may hold a few surprises since they vary depending on where you live.

Although the company offers a plan that is even faster than the satellite internet you still may not be able to get the speeds you were promised due to various factors. However, Windstream offers unlimited data so you can stream HD videos and download large files with peace of mind.


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