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New Customer Promos from

$37.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $45.00/mo.



Fast Internet speeds to keep your family entertained.

Download shows and movies in seconds

Stream music and video on multiple devices


New Customer Promos from

$57.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $65.00/mo.



Lightning-quick Internet for heavy usage..

Multi-device HD streaming, multi-player gaming

Download large media files quickly


New Customer Promos from

$67.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $75.00/mo.



Get the ultimate Internet experience with Kinetic Gig

Get the best Wi-Fi experience available.

Ideal choice for an ultra connected home

Kinetic Internet is a fiber optic internet connection that offers internet services in 18 states around the country. Windstream internet users get uninterrupted internet signals through a fiber optic connection. New Windstream customers can get promotional prices and offers that are only available for new kinetic internet service connections.

Kinetic Internet Prices 

Due to promotional prices, new Windstream customers can get a Windstream plan for $37 per month, which would otherwise cost $45 per month during normal days. Windstream customers should be aware that promotional prices are applicable for a limited period, which is usually 12 months in selected areas, after which Kinetic internet prices will go up. As far as promotional prices and bundles are concerned, there is a big difference between the two. When a customer gets a new Windstream Kinetic Internet and Phone bundle, they can enjoy promotional offers for as low as $57.00 a month during the promotional period after which the price may go as high as $65.00 a month. 

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High-Speed Internet by Kinetic

Kinetic Internet offers a powerful internet connection which in turn results in a great internet user experience. Now when you are using high-speed Kinetic Internet, there got to be certain expectations that come with this internet connection, like having a seamless internet browsing experience, and customers can get their issues resolved quickly through Kinetic internet customer service. The best thing about having high internet speeds and greater reliability is that users can seamlessly stream HD shows, play live games, and download large files.

High-Speed Kinetic Internet for Gaming and Smart Home Devices

Modern-day Smart Households and online gamers require an internet connection that is powerful enough to run and function smoothly. When smart home owners or avid online gamers get the strength of Windstream Kinetic Internet service, then climbing high on the online gaming leaderboards or using a mobile application to simply take control of the gates, lights, thermostats, cameras, sensors, and locks is not a difficult thing. Especially online gaming enthusiasts are significantly concerned about the internet service, bandwidth, and Windstream internet outage more than any other type of consumer out there. In short, online gamers are not willing to compromise on their internet speeds and bandwidth because it cost them a win or help secure a victory.

Kinetic Fiber-based Hybrid Internet

With a large part of its infrastructure built using fiber optic technology, Go Kinetic Internet brings about one of the very best internet connections. With its fiber optic based hybrid connection, Kinetic Internet has the ability to transmit near perfect data. With its ability to supply a higher degree of bandwidth, this internet service provider uses the fiber optic hybrid connection to deliver better speed. Since Kinetic Internet is only a hybrid, coaxial cable wiring could be used for establishing about a mile away from the area where you have a connection.

Searching the web with terms like “Kinetic internet near me” can help you find a Kinetic store near your home. Having a fiber optic hybrid internet connection being supplied to your household is simply not enough to do the job so the hi-tech internet equipment that Kinetic Internet provides its customers with bits of help in giving the consumer the maximum benefit they can get with bandwidth. You would also be required to have a good level of quality when it comes to the internet equipment and the level of equipment that Windstream provides its Kinetic Internet users with is of quite a remarkable standard. Moreover, if a customer is not satisfied with the quality of the equipment or wants to use their own, Windstream lets them use their own equipment.

Paying The Kinetic Internet Bill

Once you have checked the Kinetic internet coverage map and know that internet service is available in your area. You can get the services at your address. Paying the Windstream bill is also quite easy, because all you have to do is log on to your Windstream account and then either make a one-time decision to pay online or sign up for the AutoPay option and totally stop worrying about being late on your Windstream Internet bill as your bill amount will be deducted automatically each month on the due date.

You can also pay your Kinetic bill by simply calling (800)-347-1991 and if you cannot pay your bill with the automated customer service, you would have to make use of a customer care service agent, which may result in a service charge at the end of the transaction. To pay the bill with an auto draft, Windstream customers can log in to their Windstream account and select the option of auto-draft. While using this method of bill payment, monthly payments will be submitted via an auto-draft directly from the customer’s checking account. You can also log on to to run the Kinetic internet speed test.

Is Windstream Kinetic Good For You

To determine if Windstream is good for you the best trick is to first use the internet service for yourself and if you like the internet service, then very well, stick with it because simply relying on online reviews can be misleading. The best part about Kinetic is that the provider offers a 30-day guarantee which states that if you are not satisfied with the internet service, then you can have your money back and there are no mandatory contracts so a customer can cancel the subscription whenever they want. Windstream supplies a wide range of internet which ranges from the very modest 25 Mbps and goes as high as 1,000 Mbps, so the customers have a variety of options to choose from.

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