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Optimum Internet: All you Need to Know about Optimum

by | Mar 1, 2022 | internet | 0 comments

Optimum Internet appears to be one of the top internet options in the New York area, rivaling Verizon Fios with fast speeds and low rates. On top of that, Optimum internet plans come with unlimited data, low equipment fees and without necessary contracts, so it makes a lot of sense to choose Optimum for your home internet service. 

Most people in Optimum service areas will have choices of three plans, including a gigabit plan. However, some of the locations in its service area, especially those outside the New York area, may only have two plan options with no gigabit service. On the other hand, Optimum Internet speeds can and will vary by location. Like the Optimum gigabit plan, its 100Mbps plan is not available in all areas, and some of the locations will only be eligible for 200Mbps instead of 300Mbps, or 400Mbps in place of the 500Mbps plan. 

With the Optimum FlexAbility plans, the internet service provider lets you choose your favorite plan and add a TV package and a mobile data plan accordingly. flexibility plans are quite similar to the Verizon Fios Mix and Match plan structure that allows its customers to choose an internet plan, then add individual TV or phone packages instead of selecting from prebuilt bundle packages. The main reason behind introducing FlexAbility plans seems to be that Optimum isn’t trying to lock you into a particular bundle package because there may be services in this bundle that you may not need. In essence, the bundle savings are also the incentive for signing up for a bundle package and that won’t matter much if you’re just interested in internet service and don’t need the TV packages.  

On the other hand, the introductory pricing of Optimum Internet is excellent, but the internet provider imposes a price increase after 12 months of service like many other providers. However, the problem is that, unlike nearly almost all other ISPs, Optimum won’t commit to what the price increase will be. What’s good about this service is that Optimum does not lock its customers into a contract and force them to decide between the mysterious standard price or an early termination fee. If the price increase after the 12-month introductory period is more than what you’re willing to pay, you can cancel without having to pay the early termination fee and use the internet services offered by another provider with more transparent pricing available in your area. 

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The perk is that Optimum Internet is free of data caps, which is a nice contrast to rival providers. However, it is important to note that Optimum Internet isn’t completely unlimited because they implement the acceptable use policy which could lead to service disruptions. However, you shouldn’t have a problem with the acceptable use policy because you’d have to go out of your way to use that much bandwidth, especially on a consistent basis. 

As far as installation is concerned, there is no extra cost for standard installation when you order Optimum internet services online. However, in case you prefer professional installation with Wi-Fi configuration, there will be a modest additional cost to your initial costs. The Wi-Fi equipment rental fee of this internet service provider is comparatively cheaper than a number of providers as it costs only $10 per month. 

5G Home Internet 

The earliest 5G home internet plans, available from names like Starry, T-Mobile, and Verizon, offer respectable speeds at an exact price because the technology powering the latest phones can also tackle our home broadband needs. Technically speaking, 5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless data networks. Due to the use of different radio frequencies than previous generations, 5G networks aim to and have the ability to provide faster data speeds with much less lag or delay than we had with 4G networks.

Still, currently, the availability is limited to select cities and regions in the United States. When using the 4G technology, the data doesn’t travel the same distance and has trouble with obstructions. It is important to note that even the low-band 5G offers a range that is similar to 4G, but with a speed that tops out between 100 and 200Mbps. However, 5GHz is not the same thing as 5G home internet and it is a common mistake to see the “5GHz” setting on your Wi-Fi router and assume you have access to 5G. 

5G home internet is in fact a type of fixed wireless internet service, which implies that the connection between your provider and your home is a wireless one. With 5G, your internet provider will have to set up a 5G receiver at your house to pick up the transmitted signal. It’s more or less similar to satellite internet, but the main difference is that instead of beaming in a signal from satellites orbiting in the night sky, it’s relaying information from a much closer wireless hub.

Due to the fact that 5G is still being deployed across the country, the number of providers currently offering any 5G home internet plan is comparatively limited. The 5G home internet availability, although low at the moment, is increasing quite quickly and the affordable pricing is even more appealing for new customers. Also, when we consider the excellent download speeds, 5G seems like one of the more affordable options. It may take a lot of time but it would be a real step forward if 5G could emerge as a viable broadband option for traditionally underserved and rural parts of the United States. 


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