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Optimum is one of the leading internet service providers that offer high-speed internet, cable television, and digital phone services to residential and business customers in the United States.
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300 Mbps
For 12 Months *
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Enjoy blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gig
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Stream HD videos, play games, shop online and do so much more
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Secure your devices, data and network for a safer web surfing
500 Mbps
For 12 Months *
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Enjoy blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gig
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Stream HD videos, play games, shop online and do so much more
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Secure your devices, data and network for a safer web surfing
1000 Mbps
For 12 Months *
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Enjoy blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gig
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Stream HD videos, play games, shop online and do so much more
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Secure your devices, data and network for a safer web surfing

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With just a zip code search, InternetOffersNow allows you to learn about the leading internet, TV, and phone service providers in your neighborhood, reducing the time you need to conduct research and compare them with ease and come to an informed decision.
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Advantages of Optimum Services

Leave your entertainment, internet and voice woes aside. We bring you the largest collection of providers to compare from in your area. So you get the one that suits your needs best.
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Cable Internet
Cable & Wi-Fi Internet
Connect with cable or choose smart Wi-Fi for your home and forget your connectivity issues.
optimum internet speed
Fast Speed
High-speed Connectivity
Award-winning internet speeds that outperform the competition. With unlimited data, you can stream, game, and shop with ease.
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Unlimited Data
No Data Caps
Forget about annoying data limitations and experience the freedom of unlimited use.
optimum internet business
Business Internet
Business Plans
Optimum remains a top preference for business users. Its Business Plans provide secure, seamless, and blazing-fast internet.
optimum wifi internet
Wifi Hotspot
No Annual Contract
Optimum internet services do not bind you. Stay connected, or you may leave whenever you want to. No binding annual contract.
optimum home internet
Home Phone
Phone Connectivity
Stay connected with your loved ones with Optimum’s unlimited local and long-distance calling.
optimum internet modem
Free Modem
Cable TV
Optimum TV is here to serve you best. Whether by helping you with your TV equipment or providing storage for hours of entertainment.
optimum internet package
Wi-Fi Hotspots
Get instant and unlimited access to nationwide Wi-Fi from home with its network of over 2 million Wi-Fi hotspots.
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Affordable Bundles
Affordable Bundles
Optimum internet services offer affordable bundles for casual and heavy users. High-speed internet that is light on your pocket.
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Cable Tv
Ensure Device Protection
Expect nothing but great service from Optimum internet services. Enjoy completed device security and service protection.

Fast, Reliable, and Unlimited Connectivity

Optimum offers incredible internet packages and plans at the lowest prices. As one of the nation's top 5 fastest internet service providers, expect nothing less than the best. The internet plans from Optimum provide a once-in-a-lifetime digital experience by utilizing cable and fiber-optic networks. Customers can benefit from the best internet prices for up to a year. Whether you want to check your emails, watch your favorite shows, or engage in crazy online gaming sessions, Optimum internet has perfect speed. The best upload speeds are between 20 and 35 Mbps, and the best download speeds range from 300 to 940 Mbps. You get much more without worrying about data caps for much less money.

Optimum Internet: Enjoy Endless Surfing

Optimum packages offer some of the best internet plans to save time and money, starting at just $40 per month. With Optimum Internet, you can stream, game, and download without interruption from any location in the house, thanks to a robust in-home Wi-Fi system that provides blazing-fast internet speeds. Additionally, Optimum provides top-notch security and assistance so you can rest easy.
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Optimum Promotions – Giving You More Freedom to do more

Optimum strives to provide a profoundly satisfying experience to its new and existing customers. You don't have to worry about year-long contracts, nor do you have to worry about extra fees.
What else? Optimum takes pride in providing dependable internet connectivity and cable TV and home phone services that exceed your expectations. The provider has amazing freebies, such as free equipment (included in certain plans), free installation on online orders, and much more.
Do you need any more reasons to go with Optimum deals? What else can you get with your subscription?
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Money-back guarantee for 30 days
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No data caps or hidden fees
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Optimum customer service is available 24/7
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Save extra with affordable bundles
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Optimum TV – Satisfying All Your Entertainment Needs

Optimum TV packages and deals provide access to over 420 channels, ensuring your entertainment needs are met. When you sign up for Optimum cable TV, you can supplement your TV service with premiums (CINEMAX®, STARZ®, and HBO®), sports (NFL and MLB), and international lineups (Russian, Chinese & more). Also, the free Cloud DVR Plus service included with Optimum cable packages allows you to record up to 15 shows simultaneously, ensuring you don't miss anything. Optimum TV subscribers can also access a large video-on-demand library, pay-per-view content, and 4K Ultra HD content on the go with the Altice One App.
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View Optimum Services Offered in Your Area.

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Optimum Smart Wi-Fi

Use Optimum Wi-Fi throughout your house to access Wi-Fi signals even in inaccessible locations. The cutting-edge Smart Wi-Fi 6 and Free Optimum Extender included in Optimum Wi-Fi plans use mesh technology to give you better coverage throughout your home (with select internet packages).

Features You Cannot Miss
Together, Optimum Internet and Smart Wi-Fi 6 provide strong connectivity. With certain internet packages, the Smart Wi-Fi 6 includes a Free Optimum Wi-Fi Extender that automatically pairs with the Optimum Gateway (Modem + Router) to build a mesh network that gives you seamless connectivity throughout your home without the need to switch networks.
Wide Coverage
With the help of cutting-edge mesh technology, Optimum Smart Wi-Fi 6 ensures that every dead spot in your house has equal access to the wireless network, ensuring that dropped signals are never an issue.
Optimum Speed internet plans
Optimum Smart Wi-Fi 6 offers lightning-fast speeds, a lower ping rate, and a rapid response time for seamless gaming and streaming. You can say goodbye to lagging games and buffering videos.
Optimum Smart Wi-Fi Performance
The simultaneous connection of numerous devices is supported by Optimum Smart Wi-Fi 6. Therefore, regardless of the daytime network congestion your home may experience, you can count on reliable connectivity.
Optimum Smart Devices Battery Life
Most current smart devices are compatible with Optimum Smart Wi-Fi 6. Due to its intelligent technology, your devices' batteries last longer by consuming fewer background data.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Optimum Internet Service Good?

Households can access Optimum Internet packages depending on their digital activity and budget. The majority of households will, however, be accommodated by a wide range of plans. Choose from Optimum 500 to Optimum 1Gig plans.

Can I check my Optimum Internet Speed?

Yes, you can use any online website, including ours, to check your Internet speed by simply clicking the button! Since Wi-Fi and the router on the computer might not be fast enough to deliver the fastest Internet speed possible, it is usually best to perform an Internet speed test on the modem. We advise directly connecting your device to the Internet source with a network cable for the most accurate result (a modem, gateway, or Fiber ONT). This prevents the modem and router from affecting the test negatively if they are on the slower side, which is why we recommend it.

What is Altice Optimum Service?

American cable service provider Optimum by Altice, has customers in 21 states, both residential and commercial. As an MSO, the business manages the Optimum brand, connected to the Internet, TV, and voice services. It has plans to expand and rebrand this brand in the coming time.

How do I report an Optimum outage?

If there is an outage in your area, you can contact Optimum's technical support team at any time, 24/7.

Is Optimum Internet Service available in my area?

Optimum is a cable company that primarily serves the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and others. Check our coverage map to see if this ISP provides services in your neighborhood.
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