Internet offers Now

InternetOffersNow is an internet selling company based in Grapevine, Texas. Our team of skilled professionals has designed this company from the ground up to provide all the features that an enterprise would expect but priced for small and medium businesses.

We take privacy very seriously and have a security-focused approach to message handling and ensuring the deliverability, security, and privacy of every message. 

This is the first time that InternetOffersNow has offered a scholarship program. 


The applicants who are presently studying/enrolled in high school or college/university are eligible for the scholarship program. 

There is, however, no restriction on major/minor. All can apply. 

GPA needs to be 3.5 weighted or higher. 

Award is offering a $1000 scholarship. 

How to Apply 

We’re looking for a 500-word essay or 2-minute video on “How 5G can Revolutionize the internet”. 


  • Importance of high-speed internet for businesses 
  • Importance of high-speed internet for smart homes 
  • How students can benefit from it 
  • In general, what is considered high-speed internet 


  • Name and contact details 
  • Current year grades and transcript 
  • Extracurricular activities 
  • Current letter of acceptance or letter of enrollment from an accredited University. 
  • One letter of recommendation 
  • Link(s) to your social media profiles (Optional)

Please send an email with the above-mentioned details to: 


Applications for the InternetOffersNow 2022 Scholarship program will be accepted till midnight, July 15, 2022. The Winner will be announced on July 25, 2022.