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Spectrum Mobile Plans & Packages

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New Customer Promos from

$49.99/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $74.99/mo.



Download or stream on multiple devices .

Stream SD videos seamlessly 

Game online OR upload & download medium files 


New Customer Promos from

$69.99/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $94.99/mo.

Internet Ultra


Stream HD videos seamlessly

Work or school from home

Plenty of speed for smart devices


New Customer Promos from

$89.99/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $114.99/mo.

Internet Gig


Fastest speed for simultaneous streaming

Pro-level online game streams & VR

Stream in 8K OR upload & download huge files

Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile with Unlimited is a service that keeps you connected to what matters the most with one of the Spectrum phone plans. Customers can enjoy video calls with friends and family across all states when they get one of the Spectrum mobile phone plans. On top of that, Spectrum mobile plans have nationwide 5G access for a faster, smoother connection for people using the network. With one of the Spectrum cell phone plans, users are not able to take video calls, share files, connect to the cloud, and use apps like Instagram and YouTube wherever they go. Moreover, Spectrum Mobile with Unlimited is a great choice from Spectrum mobile packages especially when you are working on the go. Also, with Spectrum cell phone plans, customers can now connect to thousands of Spectrum WiFi access points across the country.

For clarity’s sake, unlimited data actually means that there are no data caps, allowing users to surf, stream 4K shows, download large files, and play live games without fear of incurring overage fees. These Spectrum mobile deals give users the freedom to use as much or as little data as they had like without having to monitor their monthly data usage. Spectrum users can stay connected without worrying about their data usage or overage fees. Get one of the spectrum cell phone plans to get the freedom to stream, work, and play games wherever you go or pay for the data you need.

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Spectrum is in fact a telecom giant that is providing mobile phone service in addition to internet and cable TV in the USA. With Spectrum Mobile, users can get to enjoy HD streaming, calls, messages, and more on the go like never before. What’s more is that customers can get 5G access and the ability to use smartphones as a mobile hotspot with no extra fees involved. A number of other providers offer quite a vast range of mobile plans which can be very confusing to choose from, but Spectrum Mobile keeps its plans simple and limited to just two. A Spectrum Mobile customer may decide to choose between the economical unlimited data plan or opt for the adaptable By-the-Gig plan. It is however important to keep in mind when choosing a plan that one must be a Spectrum Internet user in order to take advantage of its mobile plans.

Spectrum Unlimited Data Plan

Who doesn’t want unlimited data plans, especially when there are so many data-hungry apps that are ready to consume your internet data. In today’s world, people prefer an internet plan without any limits to play mobile games and stream as much as they want. When opting for an unlimited internet plan with another mobile service, it can be comparatively costly unlike Spectrum Mobile, which is an affordable service. Moreover, it is one of the very few companies in the United States that offer such an affordable unlimited data plan at the economical price of $45 a month. It is an attractive package that offers customers unlimited talk, text, and uncapped internet. What’s really amazing is the features like unlimited access to nationwide out-of-home WiFi, unlimited international texts to any country in the world, free international calling to Mexico and Canada, and a customer can use their device as a mobile hotspot.

By-the-Gig Data Deal

For customers who don’t want to buy unlimited data plans, Spectrum Mobile offers a By-the-Gig plan which charges customers only for the data used during a particular month. By selecting this plan, users only pay $14 per GB of data used, which in turn means that each GigaByte will cost customers $14. However, Spectrum Mobile does provide unlimited text and talk with this plan as well like the Unlimited Data Deal. This plan is most suitable for users who don’t use much internet on their cell phones and only want to use 1 – 3 GB of data each month. Also, if a user wants to use more than 3 GB of Spectrum’s By-the-Gig plan, then it will cost them more than the unlimited data plan in certain cases.

Network Coverage

Spectrum is a communication giant, but surprisingly enough it doesn’t own its cellular network and uses Verizon’s wireless phone towers instead to provide its cellular service across the United States. Technically speaking, this is not a bad thing for Spectrum mobile users because Verizon’s network is one of the strongest networks in the USA and they offer 4G LTE coverage even in suburban and rural areas.

Benefits of Having Spectrum Mobile Plans

Spectrum as an internet provider offers some great additional benefits for its customers like unlimited data, calls, and texts. An excellent feature is that Spectrum users can turn their devices into mobile hotspots without having to bear extra charges. On top of that, customers can use up to 5 GB of mobile hotspot data per line every month with Spectrum Mobile service and access to nationwide 5G service for compatible mobile phone users. Another perk of using one of these plans is that the service provider offers 2000 absolutely free calling minutes to Canada and Mexico, in addition to free international messages from the United States to any country.

Talking about the reviews of the customers who are already using Spectrum’s service, the majority of these users are satisfied with the service because the plans are affordable and users have the ability to use Spectrum’s nationwide network of WiFi hotspots.

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