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What Channel is TLC on AT&T? – AT&T Channel Lineup TLC

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Suppose someone would like to watch the TLC on AT&T; it’s easily approachable to channel number 250 for Standards Definition & 1250 for high-definition resolution. Do remember that TLC is paid subscription-based American channel for complete access. Signup up today for one of the AT&T, Plans to enjoy fantastic TV entertainment.

What Channel is TLC on AT&T U-Verse

It can be accessible by using the channel finder here: AT&T U-verse in the United States. Can tune TLC channel on 250/1250 and TLC -251 West for further detailed channel list is as follows:

Select the channel and enjoy your liked shows

Channel Channel Number
TLC 250/1250
TLC-West 251
AT&TPay per view Event in 1102
AT&T TV 1603
AT&T TV Highlights 1603
AT&T U-Verse front Row 100

Some numbers are from other reliable sources to make is sure; on the other hand good to know the different frequencies. What Channel is TLC on AT&T u-verse? There are many, like 1250, 1002 KCBSHD CBS (KCBS-HD-02), 1222 BLOOM Bloomberg Television HD 1225 WEAHD for the  Weather Channel HD 1250 TLC HD 1252 APL HD Animal Planet HD.If someone would like to know, What Channel is TLC on AT&T DirecTV

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Then no need to find more than what channel is TLC HD on DIRECTV? It is TLC HD on channel 280.

What Channel is TLC on AT&T Cable?

One can quickly access TLC (The Learning Channel) on channel number 250 for Standard-definition, & 1250 for high-definition resolution (HD). But one should be evident that the TLC is America’s paid channel that needs a paid subscription for full access. Thus, get a membership for any AT&T TV plans to enjoy the incredible TV shows.

TLC is known as The Learning Channel, a reality-based show. A non-profit organization TLC when TLC faced bankruptcy in 1991. The Discovery Channel took it over and pushed this near to lesser beneficial channel, making it more sensational content. What Channel is TLC on AT&T TV? AT&T TV is a renowned brand in the TV streaming service along with prominent channel streaming. One also grabs Discovery Life on AT&T TVs; there is an all-time best offer of not more than $95.00 monthly. Moreover, in addition to this, one gets Comedy Central, Travel Channel, HGTV, History, and last but not least, TLC on AT&T TV.

TLC on AT&T TV Packages

Package name

Monthly Charges















Optimo Mas



There is no way to get the TLC free plan, but there is a chance of a free trial with some streaming service to the TLC. A list of the benefits one can select for a free trial to compare to decide on the paid subscription.

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Streamiing Service List

Streaming Services Free Trial
Philo 7 days
Hulu Live TV 7 days
Fubo Tv 7 days
Sling Tv 7 days
Video Plus 7 days
YouTube Tv 7 days


These are the only options one can go with, otherwise would go for the permanent package to enjoy for the long term.

If TLC Not Working

Sometimes TLC Go may not work correctly; how can we fix this error? Follow these steps.

If some steps still need to be included. So please repeat all the steps correctly.

There may be a browser error. Go for another browser for the activation of TLC Go.

  • One should have the best internet connection.
  • Check if the TLC Go app is supported on the device available.
  • Update the browser.
  • Switch to another streaming device.
  • If the error still exists, then do contact the cable operator


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