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$37.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $45.00/mo.



Fast Internet speeds to keep your family entertained.

Download shows and movies in seconds

Stream music and video on multiple devices


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$57.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $65.00/mo.



Lightning-quick Internet for heavy usage..

Multi-device HD streaming, multi-player gaming

Download large media files quickly


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$67.00/ mo

for 12 months in select markets

Regular Price: $75.00/mo.



Get the ultimate Internet experience with Kinetic Gig

Get the best Wi-Fi experience available.

Ideal choice for an ultra connected home

Windstream Internet Rates 

It can be difficult to shop for internet in rural areas of the United States because the options are limited to either satellite or whatever local providers are available in the market. If you live in a rural area and Kinetic by Windstream is available there, consider yourself lucky because it offers faster speeds than many providers, internet plans are affordable, the provider offers unlimited data, and there are no mandatory contract requirements. Rural internet options can be quite expensive but Windstream internet rates are lower compared to other available options.

When your options are limited to satellite or Kinetic, it makes a lot of sense to go for the latter because in most areas you are going to get more bang for your buck with Kinetic. Windstream Internet cost per month is also quite affordable when compared with most of the available options for rural and underserved areas. Windstream serves its customers in most rural areas with DSL internet which isn’t exactly the fastest or most reliable internet type. However, it is important to note that Windstream’s DSL network is equipped to deliver speeds faster than many satellites, fixed wireless, or other DSL providers. On top of that, Windstream Internet cost for plans is also likely to be cheaper and of a better connection quality than satellite or fixed wireless service. You can also call Windstream’s sales helpline at (888) 664-0841 and inquire about Windstream Internet price for life for an affordable internet package. Now, as you get closer to the cities and suburbs where Kinetic fiber-optic service is available, the speeds get faster and the provider also offers low introductory pricing in these areas.

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As the speed and Windstream internet rates vary by location, it is important to confirm the exact Windstream internet fees in your area before you order the internet package. Also, a number of internet connection options are available in an urban setting, so you may want to compare Kinetic closely with other available providers to determine the best internet provider for your needs. 

Windstream currently offers residential internet service in 18 states of the country, which include Florida, Alabama, Iowa, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, and Texas. Although Kinetic has a large coverage area that spans more than a third of US states, the provider is available to only about 2.78% of the country’s population. A small coverage percentage indicates how reserved the provider is for rural and suburban regions that have a low population density as compared to providers in urban areas. 

Broadband speeds are available to 85% of the DSL coverage area, making Windstream the provider with one of the largest percentages of broadband availability among major DSL providers in the United States. With speeds of 25 Mbps or even higher than that available to more than 86% of Windstream customers, the provider offers a good value for money. Fiber expansion is currently in the expansion phase because there is still room for improvement as a fiber provider.  

While Kinetic is one of the top DSL providers that deliver high-speed broadband, but there is still room for improvement as a fiber provider. Therefore, fiber expansion is currently in the works, and rightly so, because more people trust fiber because of its high-speed and reliable internet. With an improvement in fiber access at affordable Windstream internet rates, more Kinetic customers are going to have access to faster speeds, but for now, available speeds vary widely by location. Notably, Kinetic plans are subject to change from one market to another so it makes financial sense to confirm Windstream internet rates before you place the order for residential internet. 

Let’s take the example of a person who buys Kinetic 200, they can update to faster speeds for an added monthly fee. In essence, for only about an additional $10 per month, a customer can get much higher speeds at affordable Windstream internet rates. This may feel like an overly complicated way to do it but this practice may work from a company standpoint when you have multiple speeds available across many small and large markets. In the end, the Kinetic plan you can get and the cost of the plan you get will depend on your address because costs vary from one market to the next. When it comes to available speeds and pricing, Windstream’s fiber service is somewhat less volatile as compared to the provider’s DSL. However, there is some variation in fiber as well because the starting speed can be 200 Mbps in some markets and 400 Mbps in others. 

When compared with some similar internet providers in the United States, Kinetic is generally faster. Also, because of its low introductory pricing, Kinetic is also cheaper than most DSL providers in some markets. When you compare DSL and satellite internet, DSL is almost always the better option over satellite internet, which means potential customers will definitely want to check out Kinetic before committing to one of the satellite internet options. Kinetic will be cheaper and will probably deliver faster speeds than satellite, and you won’t have to worry about data caps with Kinetic. Satellite internet also comes with contracts and hefty early termination fees and Kinetic does not lock you into a contract. As a DSL provider in rural areas, Kinetic will also offer greater reliability and lower latency as compared to almost all satellite internet providers. So, people living in rural areas will definitely find Windstream’s DSL internet a much better service and better value for money as compared to satellite internet options. 

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