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Packge Speed Price Services Available
1. Spectrum Up to 1 Gbps Starting from $49.99/mo Internet, TV and Phone
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2. Windstream Up to 1 Gbps $44.99 Internet and Phone
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3. Kinectic Internet Up to 2 Gbps $44.99 Internet
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4. Frontier Up to 2 Gbps Starting from $49.99/mo Internet, TV and Phone
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5. Earthlink Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $49.95/mo Internet
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6. Viasat Up to 150 Mbps Starting from $60.00/mo Internet and Phone
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7. HughesNet Up to 25 Mbps Starting from $69.99/mo Internet and Phone
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8. WoW Up to 1200 Mbps Starting from $9.99/mo Internet and TV
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9. Optimum Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $40/mo Internet, TV and Phone
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10. Ziply Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $40/mo Internet
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WiFi Provider in Dallas

A good internet provider shouldn’t be hard to find in Dallas because a number of internet providers offer really good service. However, when it comes to selecting the best WiFi provider in Dallas, a lot depends on your usage and speed requirements. We have listed WiFi providers in Dallas, so you can get a good connection for your home or office.


Being one of the most well-known and leading internet providers in the USA, AT&T offers different options to get quality services for its customers like DSL, fiber optic and fixed wireless networks, streaming and satellite TV services, and broad 5G coverage. This best wifi provider in Dallas also gives some extra incentives to customers, for example, gift cards and free premium services.

Grande Communications

Grande provides high-speed internet in Dallas and other cities of Texas. It is a fast, secure, and reliable internet service that is perfect for WiFi and online streaming. Grande’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi, which is powered by eero, uses multiple access points and TrueMesh technology to make sure you can stream, work, and play from every corner of every room in your home and workplace.


Frontier is one of the best WiFi providers in Dallas that uses a DSL or fiberoptic network to deliver high-speed internet to its customers. Availability for each service type(DSL or Fiberoptic) may vary by your location because Frontier’s fiberoptic is offered in select parts of some states and DSL is available in most of the areas. One of the perks of using Frontier’s services is that it has some of the lowest starting prices for the company’s fiber optic service.

Peoples Telecom

Peoples Telecom currently provides high speed internet services in 19 counties. The internet provider primarily offers its services within the state of Texas. Their DSL internet is available to an estimated 40,000 people. In short, Peoples Telecom is one of the 100 largest residential DSL providers in the United States by coverage area. In addition to DSL, this provider offers fiber and also fixed wireless internet service. Peoples Telecom’s fiber service is available to approximately 400,000 people, making it one of the 30 largest providers of Fiber broadband in the U.S. by coverage area. However, the internet provider’s fixed wireless service is available to approximately 80,000 people only.

Suddenlink Communications

Suddenlink is one of the best WiFi providers that offers high-speed internet services in Dallas allowing its customers to play live games, stream HD shows, and browse on multiple devices. A big plus is that there are no contracts involved when you buy Suddenlink internet services, so you never have to worry about Early Termination Fees (ETFs). Moreover, the starting prices of Suddenlink are somewhat lower than many other cable internet providers, especially when you consider the kind of speed you get with their high speed internet services. On top of that, Suddenlink provides unlimited data with all of its internet plans, which allows you to stream your favorite shows and play online games as much as you want. Like many other internet providers in the country, Suddenlink’s price increases after the introductory period of 12 months is over and there may be some hidden costs involved.


HughesNet has the ability to offer the best WiFi in Dallas because of its satellite technology. It is one of the largest internet providers and is available throughout all 50 states and offers a wide range of data limits to its customers. There is also an option to add a phone to your HughesNet bundle for a discounted price and also keep your existing phone number even when you switch to their service. Although HughesNet lets you choose from different internet plans but the provider requires a two-year service agreement from its customers upon signing up for services, which means that changing or canceling service before the agreement period is up may result in early termination fees.


Being one of the oldest names in the home internet industry, EarthLink currently provides WiFi service with all their plans at no additional charge except for the small equipment rental fee. Earthlink also charges a one-time upfront installation free from its customers in Dallas, in addition to the monthly internet Fees. A huge plus point is that EarthLink doesn’t impose data caps, so you don’t have to worry about limited data usage and can stream all your favorite HD shows. Notably, the company even claims that they actually “hate” data caps and they also pledge never to throttle your speeds i.e. upon exceeding your plan’s threshold, your internet speed will not be slowed down.


Windstream Communications is the best WiFi provider in Dallas that provides high-speed internet and networking solutions for small & medium businesses, enterprises, and residential customers. Windstream currently offers internet speeds up to 1 Gbps via DSL and Fiber at affordable prices in Dallas and many other cities.


NextLink is one of the best internet providers that offers high-speed wireless and fiber internet in parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois. NextLink uses fixed wireless and fiber optic technology to deliver voice and data services to the under-served markets in the United States. It is the best WiFi provider in Dallas that does not cap data usage so customers can enjoy unlimited wireless internet access.

Resound Networks

Resound Networks is an internet provider that offers fixed wireless internet to approximately 100,000 people in New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The internet provider claims that they provide a superior customer experience through the quality and reliability of their products.

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