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High Speed Internet in Dallas


Kevin Moore : 03-20-2024

Midwest Global Marketing and Billing LLC, an authorized Retailer of multiple Internet Services Providers and is its one stop shop for your digital connectivity needs. We allow you to learn about the leading internet Service Provider's Packages in Dallas. We specialize in recommending the best plans and packages for your needs. Get help from our Support on which Package is best for you.

    Packge Speed Price Services Available  
1. Spectrum Up to 1 Gbps Starting from $49.99/mo Internet, TV and Phone

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2. Windstream Up to 1 Gbps $44.99 Internet and Phone

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3. Kinectic Internet Up to 2 Gbps $44.99 Internet

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4. Frontier Up to 2 Gbps Starting from $49.99/mo Internet, TV and Phone

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5. Earthlink Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $49.95/mo Internet

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6. Viasat Up to 150 Mbps Starting from $60.00/mo Internet and Phone

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7. HughesNet Up to 25 Mbps Starting from $69.99/mo Internet and Phone

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8. WoW Up to 1200 Mbps Starting from $9.99/mo Internet and TV

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9. Optimum Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $40/mo Internet, TV and Phone

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10. Ziply Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $40/mo Internet

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Internet Access in Dallas

The project for digital equity and internet in Dallas began with efforts to gather data on the broadband market, identify problems with high-speed internet in Dallas, evaluate current programmatic solutions, and develop potential pilot solutions to serve the students of Dallas who didn’t have the opportunity to stay connected. For this purpose, research was conducted to identify, quantify, and understand the nature of the digital divide affecting residents of Dallas more broadly including a mail survey to get insights into the interplay of challenges related to broadband access, affordability, and device access.

Some of the top providers that offer high-speed internet in Dallas are as follows.

High Speed Internet in Dallas


Spectrum is popular among internet users for its straightforward pricing and top-quality internet and also because the provider imposes no data caps on any of its plans and doesn’t bound its users with contracts for internet service. When it comes to pricing the rates for Spectrum’s cable is very competitive but its fiber internet rates are more expensive than a number of fiber internet providers in the country. It is among the top cable internet providers as well because Spectrum offers services to over 28 million customers in as many as 41 states. The states where Spectrum offers its services include Maine, Kansas, Montana, Hawaii, Idaho, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, and more. We highly recommend Spectrum as a high-speed internet provider due to its quality service, no mandatory contracts, and no data caps on any of its plans.


With its affordable internet connectivity options in Dallas and other cities of the United States, Frontier Communications delivers internet to its customers through DSL and fiber-optic networks. People usually prefer fiber over DSL and when it comes to Frontier Internet, the disparity between the DSL and fiber feels much more pronounced, and therefore it is tough to recommend Frontier Internet as DSL service. Frontier Internet is available in 25 states including Ohio, Utah, Texas, Iowa, Florida, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and more. In case Frontier Fiber is available at someone’s address, it is absolutely worth considering for its excellent speeds and value for money.

Suddenlink Communications

Suddenlink Communications is one of the top providers offering broadband services to some 2 million customers in its service area and offers fast internet speeds with appealing introductory prices. Suddenlink’s pricing is excellent and it enforces no data caps or contracts. While the pricing is good but internet users have to face a significant second-year price increase after the promotional period is over. Suddenlink’s internet services are available in 17 states including Idaho, Ohio, California, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, and more.


EarthLink offers quality internet service by using other providers’ DSL and fiber-optic lines as this internet service provider has partnered up with some of the top internet providers in the US including AT&T, Century Link, Frontier, Verizon, etc. EarthLink’s costs are high but the provider has ensured that it keeps its pricing transparent.


NextLink provides high-speed internet in Dallas using fixed wireless technology and also fiber optic in order to deliver voice and data services, especially to the under-served markets of the country. Being one of the internet providers that do not cap data usage, NextLink allows its customers to enjoy unlimited internet access in order to stream their favorite shows, download large files, play multi-layer live games, and browse the web with fast speed internet.

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