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Internet Providers In Austin


Paul Donnell : 03-20-2024

We specialize in recommending the best plans and packages for your needs. Check Below some Cheap internet service providers plan are in the Austin

    Packge Speed Price Services Available  
1. Spectrum Up to 1 Gbps Starting from $49.99/mo Internet, TV and Phone

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2. Windstream Up to 1 Gbps $44.99 Internet and Phone

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3. Kinectic Internet Up to 2 Gbps $44.99 Internet

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4. Frontier Up to 2 Gbps Starting from $49.99/mo Internet, TV and Phone

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5. Earthlink Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $49.95/mo Internet

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6. Viasat Up to 150 Mbps Starting from $60.00/mo Internet and Phone

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7. HughesNet Up to 25 Mbps Starting from $69.99/mo Internet and Phone

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8. WoW Up to 1200 Mbps Starting from $9.99/mo Internet and TV

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9. Optimum Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $40/mo Internet, TV and Phone

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10. Ziply Up to 5 Gbps Starting from $40/mo Internet

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Internet Providers in Austin

Finding internet providers in Austin doesn’t have to be complicated because whether you’re living in downtown or a rural area outside the city, there are a number of options to get you connected. Read on to find out more about the top internet providers in Austin.


Spectrum is the second-largest cable internet provider in the USA with service available to over 100 million people in Austin, TX and other cities. Spectrum provides three internet plan options and their equipment fees are lower than many other providers in the country. A major benefit of using their services is that you can also change or cancel your plan at any time without early termination fees. The price of Spectrum plans increase after the introductory period of 12 months is over. Also, according to the data of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Spectrum customer satisfaction falls below the internet industry average.


AT&T is one of the leading internet service providers in the USA and the company offers many ways to get quality services for its customers such as DSL, fiber optic and fixed wireless networks, streaming and satellite TV services, and broad 5G coverage. Sometimes AT&T also provides extra incentives to its customers such as gift cards and free premium services. Furthermore, American Customer Satisfaction Index ranks AT&T internet and TV higher than most other service providers in the country.


Thanks to its satellite technology, HughesNet is able to provide reliable home internet services. Availability of HughesNet is throughout all 50 states, which makes it the most widely available ISPs in the USA. HughesNet also lets its customers add a phone to their bundle for a discounted price and also lets the customers keep their existing phone number when they switch. A drawback is that HughesNet requires a two-year service agreement from its customers when they sign up for services, and changing or canceling service before that time may result in early termination fees. Also, HughesNet plans in Austin and other cities start higher than most internet or wifi providers’ lowest-tiered plans. A positive feature is that all HughesNet plans currently come with free standard installation and 50GB of Bonus Zone data per month.


Xfinity is one of the largest broadband providers in the United States and offers a variety of plans for its customers. Xfinity gives many options to its customers in Austin such as cable and fiber optic internet networks, plus home phone and mobile services. Xfinity provides service to over 20 million people across numerous cities including Austin, making it one of the most accessible providers in the country. Xfinity also offers no-contract plans, you don’t have to worry about long-term commitments and early termination fees. It is one of the few ISPs that currently offer speeds up to 2 GB. Moreover, the cost of equipment rentals can make Xfinity plans somewhat expensive. Prices of Xfinity increase once the promotional period ends and some plans require a contract that comes with Early Termination Fees (ETFs).


This Internet Provider uses a DSL or fiberoptic network to deliver high-speed internet to its customers in the USA. Availability for each service type may vary by your location because Frontier provides fiberoptic only in select parts of a few states and DSL is available in most of the areas. Frontier also has some of the lowest starting prices in the country for their fiber optic service. In addition to larger cities like Austin, Frontier also provides internet services for many small cities, suburbs, and rural areas across the country. However, the company mostly uses a DSL network to provide internet service, which lacks the speed and reliability of its fiber optic service. Moreover, Frontier’s internet services are ranked lower than its other major competitors.

Suddenlink Communications

Suddenlink’s high-speed internet services allow you to play live games, stream HD shows, and browse on multiple devices. There are no contracts involved when you buy Suddenlink internet, so you never have to worry about ETFs. Also, the starting prices of Suddenlink are comparatively lower than many other cable internet providers in Austin, especially when you consider the speed you get with their internet services. Suddenlink also offers unlimited data with all of its internet plans, which allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies as much as you want. Suddenlink has attractive starting price points but the price increases after the introductory period of 12 months is over and there may be some hidden costs as well.


In case you are living in an area that has been deemed unserviceable by other internet service providers, odds are that Viasat is your saving grace because of its widespread availability across the USA. If you buy a new Viasat plan, you can save some money because of the introductory pricing for the first three months. With useful features like high internet speeds and the ability to connect multiple devices with home Wi-Fi, Viasat can be the rural internet solution you’ve been looking for. The downside is that a contract of two years is required with some Viasat plans. Also, Viasat offers unlimited data, but they enforce a tiered system of data thresholds. Once you exceed your Internet plan’s data threshold, your internet speed will be slowed down until your next billing cycle starts.

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