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Cox Internet offers plans with speeds ranging from 100 to 1000 Mbps to suit every need. Exclusively from Cox, upgrade your connection with Cox Gigablast, the Panoramic Wi-Fi router, and Elite Gamer service.
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For 12 Months *
Enjoy blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gig
Stream HD videos, play games, shop online and do so much more
Secure your devices, data and network for a safer web surfing
For 12 Months *
Enjoy blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gig
Stream HD videos, play games, shop online and do so much more
Secure your devices, data and network for a safer web surfing
For 12 Months *
Enjoy blazing fast speeds up to 1 Gig
Stream HD videos, play games, shop online and do so much more
Secure your devices, data and network for a safer web surfing
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InternetOffersNow allows you to discover the top internet, TV, and phone service providers in your area with just a zip code search, reducing the amount of time you need to conduct research and allowing you to compare them with ease.
Why Choose COX internet Services?
Leave your entertainment, internet and voice woes aside. We bring you the largest collection of providers to compare from in your area. So you get the one that suits your needs best.
Cable Internet
Cable & Wi-Fi Internet
Connect with cable or choose smart Wi-Fi for your home and forget your connectivity issues.
Fast Speed
High-speed Connectivity
Internet speeds that are superior to the competition. With unlimited data, you can easily stream, game, and shop.
Free Installation
No Installation Fee
You won't be charged an installation fee if you choose Cox internet, which is one benefit that will keep your first bill quite low.
Business Plans
Business Plans
COX remains a top preference for business users. Its Business Plans provide secure, seamless and blazing fast internet.
No Contract
No Annual Contract
COX internet services do not bind you. Stay connected or you may leave whenever you want to. No binding of an annual contract.
Home Phone
Phone Connectivity
Stay connected with your loved ones with Cox’s unlimited local and long-distance calling.
Cable TV
Cable TV
COX TV is here to serve you best. Whether it be by helping you with your TV equipment or by providing storage for hours of entertainment.
No Monthly Contracts
No Contract
There are no contracts and monthly plans, so you can cancel at any time with no penalty.
Affordable Bundles
Affordable Bundles
COX internet services offers affordable bundles for casual and heavy users. High-speed internet that is light on your pocket.
Ensure Device Protection
Ensure Device Protection
Expect nothing but great service from COX internet services. Enjoy completed device security and service protection.
Fast, Reliable and Unlimited Connectivity
Cox has a lot more to offer than just cable, despite the fact that it is frequently recognized as a cable company. The company has two divisions, Cox Residential and Cox Business, offering a wide range of products for both residential and commercial users. Cox TV, a cable provider, improves the standard cable TV experience with feature-rich packages supported by cutting-edge technological infrastructure.
Both domestic and international calls can be made with clarity and crispness through Cox Voice. Cox Plans' variety makes it possible for families of all sizes to find the ideal fit. Cox Communications also provides Cox Homelife so you can build a smart home that provides convenience and security around-the-clock.
Move to Cox Internet to Enjoy Lightning-Fast Connection
You can pick the plan that best suits your needs, and you always have the option to upgrade. From the casual user to the one who wants to connect multiple devices, play online games, and stream HD videos, Cox residential internet has something for everyone. It ranges from the Essential Internet (100 Mbps) to the Gigablast Internet (1 Gbps) with plans starting from $49.99 only.
Cox Cable - For All Your Entertainment Needs
Choose from three Cox TV plans. There are more than 75 channels in the entry-level Cox Starter TV package, including FOX, NBC, ABC, and CW among others.
The premium package of Cox Ultimate TV has 250+ channels, including premium channels like SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, STARZ®, and HBO MaxTM, as opposed to the mid-tier Cox Ultimate TV's 140+ channels.
Additionally, Cox TV comes with a voice-controlled remote that enables users to search through the vast selection of On-Demand channels and content using only their voice.
Additionally, you can download the Contour App to your smartphone. This app allows Contour TV to keep track of your preferences and make suggestions for new programs and films in accordance.
Available in all 50 US states
Flexible data caps
HugesNet customer service is available 24/7
Save extra with affordable bundles
Cox Voice: Use Cox Phone to Stay In Touch With No Hassles
Cox Phone has cutting-edge calling features that will make it easy for you to stay in touch. With more than 3.2 million digital phone users, it ranks as the seventh-largest telephone service provider in the nation. The Cox Business Voice Manager VoIP phone service for companies was launched by Cox as the first service provider in Northern America. Cox's numerous initiatives are proof of the top-notch phone service it provides to both business and residential subscribers.
View Cox Services Offered in Your Area.
Business Services Cox
Cox Communications provides services to businesses in addition to residential customers. More than 260,000 small businesses across the nation, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, financial institutions, and federal and local government organizations, have access to Cox Business Internet, TV, and Phone.
Business TV Cox
Cox Business TV services offer specialized packages for various kinds of businesses in an effort to meet the entertainment needs of the corporate sector. Restaurants, bars, hotels, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions can all benefit from Cox packages.
More Plans to Select From
Cox offers unique phone plans for companies that enable them to effectively manage call volume for improved productivity and customer satisfaction.
More than 40 business calling features are available on Cox business phones, including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Speed Dialing, Call Forwarding, Call Holding, and Three-Way Calling.
While cloud-based phone lines are available for larger businesses, business phone lines for small businesses work with existing phone equipment to provide services.
Solutions for Business Security by Cox
Cox also provides alarm systems, security cameras, smart sensors that can spot movement, glass breakage, window and door intrusion, and round-the-clock expert monitoring for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have my own modem, Can I use the same for Cox internet?

You can use your own compatible modem for Cox internet if you don't want to rent a Cox modem. Depending on where you live and your internet plan, different modems might be compatible.

Cox offers just internet service?

Yes. Cox offers TV-only and Internet-only subscription plans.

Has Cox set a data cap?

The 1.25 TB data cap for Cox is waived for 24 months on most plans. Cox won't slow down your internet or lower the quality of your service if you go over your monthly data limit. Nevertheless, Cox will automatically offer 50 GB data blocks for $10 each up until the start of the following month, when your data plan resets.

Cox Internet Gigablast: What is it?

Cox Gigablast is a fibre optic internet package with a one-second data delivery rate of one billion million bits. You can be sure to get high-speed internet with a download speed of 1000 Mbps.

Does Cox offer 24/7 customer service?

24/7 Fast and Effective Support from Cox Customer Service One of Cox Communications' strengths is its effective customer service staff. You can contact Cox customer service at any time with any questions you might have. If you have any general questions about Cox services, billing, technical support, or your Cox account, call the Cox customer service number. The customer service staff can provide you with more information on any discounts or special offers, placing an order, service interruptions, and much more.
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